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Gate Barrier Installation In Dubai
10 Sep

Gate Barrier Installation In Dubai security is your top priority, look no further than BFT Gate Barrier Dubai systems Call +971552266234.

For small and medium-sized industrial areas, BFT’s parking barrier Gates work best. Our commercial Gate Barrier Installation In Dubai provides the ease of autonomous operation while safeguarding the security of your property. provides a range of gate barriers for controlled physical access to parking, places, and particularly restricted zones. We provide a range of height restrictors, manual arm barriers, and car parking barriers to organizations, governmental bodies, building firms, regional governments, hospitals, educational institutions, and private citizens. In Dubai, the best parking barriers can be found at

Security Store Dubai is a leading provider of boom gates and automated security gate systems in the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates. Our website is here to assist you in selecting the best security gate to keep vehicles off your property.

Parking Gate barriers / Boom gates for the best price

  • Boom gates can be put in place to regulate foot traffic. For your business properties in the UAE, the Middle East, and Africa, we can offer top-notch, incredibly durable car park boom gates.
  • Boom gates are incredibly helpful security gadgets that significantly raise the level of security on your property. We provide installation and after-sale services in addition to premium boom gate products.
  • BFT Parking Systems can tailor an access control solution to fit your needs, from a simple Boom Gate and Proximity Card access with 50 users to a complex car park management system comprising payment systems and invoicing administration.

Trusted gate barrier suppliers in Dubai, UAE.

Speed gates, barriers, and turnstiles are just a few of the items that Security Store Dubai offers. As one of the industry leaders in the Middle East and Africa, we protect properties all over the city and throughout the region by providing affordable security and access control solutions to all types of enterprises. We are a Dubai-based company that sells products that are renowned for being of the highest quality in the security industry, including access control systems, roadblocks, and security gate barriers.

We offer a wide range of security gate and access control solutions to suit any purpose. For obligation-free guidance on the appropriate security gate or vehicle access control solution for your property, please contact us. Therefore, give Security Store, Dubai’s top provider of gate solutions, a call right immediately. One of the greatest brands of parking gate barriers that we use is BFT.

Whether you’re looking for barrier systems to regulate small to medium-sized private areas or much larger industrial regions, our automatic gate barriers offer extended working lives with exceptional security and safety features.

Electric Automated Sliding Gate Barrier Installation In Dubai

A radio fob transmitter is used to operate vehicle gate/barrier entry systems, which automatically open and close the gate/barrier after a vehicle passes through. Through our gates and barriers, there are numerous methods to leave the site, from the open exit, which is started by a ground loop buried in the road, to fully regulated permission to depart, which is handled by your security system.

The best training is offered to our employees. We help our clients choose gate barrier systems and provide continuous maintenance and technical support. Parking barriers made by BFT, FAAC, CAME, and NICE are used by us. Security Store Dubai provides a full end-to-end parking solution with tickets and an automated parking system.



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