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12 Sep

Intercom installation in Dubai provides the UAE region (Call +971 55 22 66 234) with affordable, automated, and cutting-edge intercom system installation for about 15 years, our customers have trusted us for more than 15 years. In addition to the various accolades for customer service and A+ rankings on Etisalat’s list, the following are the reasons why our clients choose us:

Technicians that are educated, licensed, and certified

Due to the certification, factory training, and licensing of all of our specialists, you won’t need to worry about the quality of your work.

Intercom Audio Video

Every year, more than two million homes are broken into around the world, and homes without any kind of security system have a 300% increased risk of being broken into. Take all necessary precautions to keep your family secure, even when they are indoors, especially with crime reports at their highest level in five years.

Better Intercom for the Home

Intercom installation in Dubai is aware that not all homes are created equal. We can provide you with intercom systems that are distinctive and well suited to the needs of your home because we have licensed installers and specialists who are completely certified. We can provide a full home intercom system based on the size of your house and the safety of your family.

Several intercom models and designs are available, including cordless wireless intercoms, traditional audio intercom systems, and video intercoms (which allow you to see who is at your door). It’s easy to install a top-notch security/intercom system for your home, and we supply all the essential hardware.

Utilizing Intercom Systems

The security of your home depends on your intercom system. Intercom systems are more common as a component of home security in today’s technologically savvy world and come in a variety of configurations. Currently, costs are going down and technology is getting better.

What Justifies the Need for a Wireless Intercom System?

Intercom systems enable you to speak with people inside your home, villa, or when you are at the front entrance without opening the door. The intercom system also enhances mental stability in challenging situations.

Wireless systems are easy to set up and affordable to operate. Additionally, there are fewer risks associated with using these systems because wireless devices do not need wires. There were many different types of intercom systems available in the past, ranging from basic walkie-talkie systems to systems that connected via telecoms.

As you were away from your house

You can see who has knocked on your door and when they arrived thanks to this intercom system, which records a photo along with the date and time of every visitor. By doing this, you can see who has rung your doorbell even when you are not home. It also helps to deter stealing.


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