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SIRA seeks to provide Dubai with the highest levels of safety and security through the implementation of international best practices in security systems, services and guards. It aims at supporting to make Dubai one of the safest cities in the world. The security officials have been monitoring every single corner of the emirate. The Police and Intelligence Department aim to achieve these goals by installing security cameras in different areas of the emirate and by mandating the use of security systems in institutions and infrastructures that operates in the emirate of Dubai.

SIRA Certified CCTV Installers in Dubai

Dubai government requires that companies engaged in certain types of business activities should install a surveillance system on their premises. These are mainly Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Warehouses, Supermarket, Shopping Malls, money exchanges, jewellery shops, hotels, X sports clubs, and SIM card traders. In addition, some businesses are also required to install Video Guard, VMS System an intruder alarm system.  Installation of a CCTV system is also mandatory.

A new business with any of the above activities cannot get its license without an electronic surveillance system in place. SIRA releases its NOC for a new trade license, only after a SIRA auditor has approved the installed surveillance system. Similarly, for existing businesses, the auditor’s PASS report is required to get SIRA NOC for trade license renewal.

We are SIRA approved CCTV Company in Dubai; we fully understand the CCTV installation requirements for different types of businesses. This knowledge and our CCTV installation experience help us in providing the solution to our customers. As a result our customers get the SIRA NOC faster than most others. Due to our excellent support, we also retain their trust and goodwill, and in turn, we benefit from their loyalty to us.


If you want to install CCTV in Dubai, you can enlist the services of SECURITY STORE. We are one of the emerging CCTV companies in Dubai that supply the equipment and installation services necessary for you to implement this security measure according to your needs. We are proud to be recognized as one of the most reputed SIRA certified companies in Dubai. We are instantly recognized as a trusted equipment provider, supplying high quality security equipment across a range of security essentials. We offer a great variety in cameras and related equipment’s our options can be cost-effective and efficient for your needs.