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Labor Camp WiFi Services Dubai
25 Apr is a leading Wi-Fi solution in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, providing Wi-Fi services that are cost-effective, easy to use and high speed controlled Wi-Fi solutions. You can manage your network from anywhere and anytime using the cloud management interface, which eliminates the need for an onsite IT administrator.

The most common challenge faced by executives in a labour camp is locating or obtaining onsite IT resources (For Installation +971552266234) to keep the network running properly. Cloud Wi-Fi solutions from provide centralized cloud control of routers, access points and switches. On the first login, you will also receive a Wi-Fi voucher with deep user authentication, authorization, accounting, user-level bandwidth limit, data limit and time limit with MAC binding.


Keep all hotel guests connected with you with easy-to-use and managed Wi-Fi

In recent years, reliable Wi-Fi has become one of the most important amenities for hotel guests. In addition to investing in the latest Wi-Fi technology, hotels are also seeking value-added applications to increase ROI, such as adding Wi-Fi to their loyalty programs or using Wi-Fi to collect guest information. Doing.

  1. Seamless Integration with ORACLE OPERA PMS, IDS & Inn Key PMS
  2. Tiered Wi-Fi for Hotel Loyalty Programs
  3. Optimal Performance In Crowded Hotel Lobbies
  4. Flexible Guest Wi-Fi Enablement
  5. Real-Time User Activity Monitoring & Reporting


Offering Cost-Effective, Easy to use and Manage Cloud Wi-Fi solutions with Billing. No Need for an Onsite IT administrator. Manage Network from Anywhere & Any Time thru LIFETIME FREE Cloud Management Dashboard.

When it comes to wireless network infrastructure for Staff Accommodations, the most critical issue customers face is the lack of Onsite IT resources to properly deploy and manage the network. SECURITY STORE offers Cloud Wi-Fi Solutions which not only offers Centralized Cloud management of Routers, Access Points & Switches but also offers the simplest voucher Wi-Fi with In-depth User Authentication, Authorization & Accounting, user-level bandwidth limitation, Data limitation, time limitation with MAC binding on the first login. No Need for an Onsite IT Administrator. Manage Network from Anywhere & Any Time thru Centralized Cloud

RETAIL – Smart Cafe Wi-Fi

Boost Retail Operational Efficiency Via Cloud

Coffee Shops & restaurants have become hubs for Modern Meetings & Discussions. A reliable Wi-Fi facility will encourage guests to continue their visits for extended hours and frequent visits. Ultimately, guests are satisfied which results in an increased profit for the cafe. offers Cloud Wi-Fi Solutions which not only offers Centralized Cloud management of Routers, Access Points & Switches but also offers On-premises Controllers for advanced Guest Wi-Fi Authentication options such as SMS Authentication with OTP, Social Media Login, Email Authentication with verification, Free Guest Wi-Fi with a form to collect valuable guest data & Voucher/Token Wi-Fi

Why Choose Our Wi-Fi Services for Labor Camp?

As an experienced managed Wi-Fi service provider in Dubai, has the ability and passion for giving our customers the best-managed Wi-Fi solutions. We provide monthly managed IT services that are cost-effective, efficient, and hassle-free. None of our services has any hidden expenses. We distinguish ourselves from the rest of the industry’s rivals because our team of qualified specialists anticipates many technical advances and can work with best practices on both Mac and Windows to provide our clients with the fastest possible resolution to their Wi-Fi issues. For more contact us at

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