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03 Sep

Why Customers Choose Us

Our customers have relied on us for more than 15 years (Call +971 55 22 66 234) since we have been offering the UAE region cost-effective, automated, and advanced intercom system installation for almost 15 years. Our clients pick us due to the following factors, in addition to the numerous accolades for customer service and A+ rankings on Etisalat’s list:

Educated, Licensed, and Certified Technicians

You won’t need to be concerned about the caliber of your job because each of our specialists is certified, factory-trained, and licensed.

Audio Video Intercom

More than two million houses are broken into each year throughout the world, and residences without any form of security system have a 300% greater chance of being burglarized. And given that crime reports are at their highest level in five years, it’s critical to take all reasonable precautions to keep your family safe, even when they’re indoors.

Better Home Intercom Solution

We are aware that not every house is the same. We have licensed installers and experts that are fully certified to give you intercom systems that are unique and specifically suited to your home’s requirements. Depending on the size of your home and the security of your family, we can supply a complete home intercom system.

Choose from a variety of intercom models and styles, including cordless wireless intercoms, conventional audio intercom systems, and video intercoms (which allow you to see who is at your door). A top-notch security/intercom system for your house is simple to install and we provide all the necessary equipment.

Making use of Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are crucial for your home’s security. In today’s technologically advanced world, intercom systems are available in a range of configurations and have grown in popularity as a part of home security. Currently, expenses are decreasing while technology is improving.

Why do you Need a Wireless Intercom System?

Without opening the door, intercom systems allow you to communicate with individuals inside your house, villa, or when you are at the front door. The intercom system also improves mental stability in the event of a difficult circumstance.

Wireless systems are inexpensive to use and simple to setup. Furthermore, since wireless devices do not employ wires, there are fewer hazards related to using these systems. Intercom systems used to come in a wide variety, from straightforward walkie-talkie systems to systems that connected via telecommunications.

While you were out of your home

This Intercom system keeps a photo with the date and time of every visitor who rings your doorbell, enabling you to see who has come to your door and when they did so. By doing this, even when you’re not at home, you can see who knocked on your door. It also aids in preventing theft.

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