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20 Dec

Technology Taking Over the Traditional Parking Barriers

Gate barriers are the bar or gates established to restrict unauthorized vehicle or pedestrian access with a control point. (Call Today: +971 4 234 7303) They are widely used in commercial and residential buildings to control access. In the fast pace of technology, gate barriers or parking barriers have got a remarkable transition to meet the expectations of users, whose microseconds of time matters a lot. Today, there are many types of modern gate barriers in the market incorporating various technologies, and they are known as smart car parking systems or automatic car parking systems.

In parallel to technological advancement, smart parking systems were introduced to meet individuals without consuming their time. Most of the parking barrier suppliers in Dubai offer a wide range of barriers abiding by various technologies that could impart superficial experience with the gate barriers. Today’s parking barriers are smart systems with integrated features of:

To choose among the car park barrier supplier in Dubai, clients are required to have a minimal understanding of the multiple choices over technology and other features that the market has kept in for the prospective customers. it is really important to know how to select the best gate barrier system on behalf of the customer.

  • Biometrics readers
  • Swipe Card Readers
  • Support for GSM module
  • Safety features to consider
  • Anti-crushing sensor
  • Photocells
  • Loop detectors

How Gate Barriers Evolved Over Technology?

With the advancement in communication technology, digital interventions to artificial intelligence are taking the role of over parking barriers. Smart parking barriers offer multiple benefits to users. Types of barriers, physical attributes, and usage or operational frequency were the few things that a client will consider in earlier days while choosing a gate barrier supplier in Dubai. However, today technological interventions have made the parking barrier manufacturers implement and integrate the latest technologies and thereby offer outstanding performance to customers.

Types of Smart Parking Barriers

There are different types of car park barriers available. Identifying the most suitable one that could give prolonged performance might be the major preference of the clients. This choice can be made over the analysis of outdoor or indoor barriers, the need for weather/climate-proof features, durability, etc.

Based on the barrier operator machine and the technologies used within, they are classified into, smart barriers, and automatic gate barriers. Many products utilizing technology and resources are available today to contribute to an effective parking system that performs time-bounded.

Commonly Used Motors for Parking Barriers are: 

Hydraulic controllers are very reliable and pose very few maintenance issues if installed properly. They are a very effective deterrent in case a vehicle runs into the barrier or in stopping tailgating the vehicle.

Electromechanical Motor barriers perform comparatively quieter than hydraulic motors. Even though it performs slower, they offer a good range of control, and the features to set up variable speed for beam rising extend advantages to the users. Electro-mechanical barrier units are easier to maintain.

Physical Attributes or Technology?

A perfect car park barrier supplier will help the clients to choose the best suitable physical attributes of the barrier along with preferred technology. Based on the proposed application or use, clients can choose among the types that integrate advanced digital technologies for operation and management. When Arm length, Arm articulation, Height of the installation area, Barrier access control, Remote controller & receiver, and Switch to Exit Button are the major physical attributes of a gate barrier, the kind of access and its performance and additional features that facilitate the users appeal for technological attributes.

Technological Interventions on Barrier’s Frequency of Operation and Applications

The duty cycle or frequency of operation of a boom gate is another factor that must be taken into account. It is usually accounted for in percentage. 100% duty cycle is meant for high intensive use cases like a shopping malls, toll plazas, etc. In general, commercial parking barriers are used on a 100% duty cycle and Residential barriers are used on a 40-70% duty cycle. Today, smart parking barriers help to control the entire system with appropriate cycles and performances. Hence before choosing a smart parking barrier, it is ideal to have a look at the expected duty cycle or frequency of use.

Smart parking barriers operate in response to digital technology. There are many parking barriers specifically designed for a simple applications like parking areas, and traffic control in large areas like industrial crossings. As per the applications, clients are expecting, matching technology that will produce satisfaction among users is available today from many of the parking barrier suppliers in Dubai.

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A wide range of automatic parking barriers is available in the market to offer effective vehicular access control to the car park in any place or installation. There are many car park barrier suppliers who deliver barriers with the latest technology and functions in minimal time. With a stylish and sophisticated design, barriers of higher resistance to all kinds of weather are also available in the market. Whatever be the preference of the clients, cark park barrier suppliers of today’s market deliver enormous collections including light and durable varieties.

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