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12 Apr

FAAC Dealer in Dubai (Call Today: +971 4 234 7303) Shop Now gate barrier system this gives automatic barriers the simplest, most reliable solutions for handling passages or spaces in public condominium areas, company access, industrial areas, public and paid car parks, highway passages and wherever the flow of vehicles and access and transit permissions needs to be controlled.

Automatic barriers consist of two elements: the structure and a beam. The structure contains automation and control electronics.

The solutions offered by SECURITY STORE UAE feature the exclusive use of hydraulic technology that guarantees very high performance in terms of speed, reliability and durability.

Do you want to prohibit access to vehicles but allow pedestrians to pass?

A barrier can be used to close the access to private property without building pillars or columns, as you would do for a gate. The 615 Standard Automatic Barrier is a simple and very inexpensive solution, available in two colours: painted orange or grey.

Do you need to close a big, highly popular access point?

Your solution is the 640 Automatic Barrier, which is fast, reliable and quiet. It also offers the option of assembling a beam of a maximum of 7 m and guarantees high performance even in the case of several daily crossings at a constant rate.

The 620 Standard Automatic Barrier model is the best choice if the passage is limited to a width of 3 m and you need very high performance in terms of opening/closing speed as it opens in less than one second.

How do combine functionality and aesthetics?

The answer lies in the latest FAAC B680 Automatic Barrier model that guarantees maximum performance when handling any kind of passage.

Designed for intensive use (up to 2 million cycles with no maintenance), inversion on obstacle, housings in 4 different colours in addition to the stainless steel version for maximum weather resistance.

The round beams including lights reach a length of 8 m and are modular for easy transportation.

The barrier housing can be fitted with red and green traffic lights, adjustable according to your requirements, which increase visibility and facilitate access.

Functionality, aesthetics and more: the model also delivers energy savings while opening and closing thanks to SAFE&GREEN and there are emergency batteries in case of a blackout.

Below are FAAC Barrier Models:

615 Rapid Auto Barrier

615 Standard Automatic Barrier

620 Rapid Automatic Barrier

620 Standard Automatic Barrier

640 Automatic Barrier

B614 Automatic Barrier

B680 Automatic Barrier

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